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The Pumps & Pipes Norway Story

September 2018 Newsletter

female physician wearing a white lab coat stands back to back with a male oil rig worker in orange coverallsNorway Pumps & Pipes began as a cooperation between Houston and the city of Stavanger, Norway.  In 2015, representatives from Stavanger traveled to Houston for the ninth annual Pumps & Pipes Symposium. The Norway delegation was impressed, and on December 7, 2015, P&P Houston and Norway P&P signed a cooperation agreement, thus creating the first international P&P affiliate.  The initiators of Norway P&P are Stavanger University Hospital (SUH), University of Stavanger (UoS), International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), and Greater Stavanger.

Norway P&P seeks to create a platform for research, education, technology transfer, new business development, and increased value creation, including future-oriented health research and technology to improve patient care and welfare technology. To achieve these goals, Norway P&P cultivates strong links with industry and business, particularly in energy and health care. Since its inception, Norway P&P has funded projects based on the transfer of technology, methods, and competence between petroleum and health industries.

The inaugural Norway Pumps & Pipes conference will take place October 17-18, 2018, at Sola Strand Hotel outside Stavanger, Norway.  Similar to the Houston symposia, P&P Norway 2018 will be a unique arena for collaboration between professionals that might not otherwise interact.  As in Houston, Norway P&P believes that the solution to your problem may well be in “the neighbor’s toolkit.” Dr. Alan B. Lumsden will give a keynote presentation. Norway P&P is pleased to partner with the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (Norsk olje og gass) to organize this event.

Together with cooperative and industry partners and P&P Houston, Norway P&P will strive become a dynamic tool to develop new ideas, new solutions, and new products.

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