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October 11 –13, 2019
Houston Exponential: 410 Pierce St, Houston, TX, 77002

Pumps & Pipes is hosting its inaugural Hackathon! In this problem-solving competition, participants will form interdisciplinary teams to tackle a series of real-life complex computational and data-driven challenges, diving into each other’s toolboxes and competing to come up with the most innovative solutions. The winning solutions will be implemented by challenge sponsors.

We invite computational scientists, computer programmers, and P&P industry experts of all experience levels and disciplines to sign up. Hackathon will be held at the creative offices of Houston Exponential. To inquire about participating, please email
  • Friday October 11th: 5 pm host gathering for introduction, team forming (teams of 5-10 totaling 50 hackers)- snacks & networking for attendees.
  • Saturday October 12th: 8 am – 6 pm Hackaway. Ability for teams to continue to work on location through the night if desired.
  • Sunday October 13th: 8 am –noon Hackaway. Panel judging team presentations begins at 1 pm.

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