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Pumps & Pipes 8: Ideas to Insight

The P&P8 audience learned about a new NASA lander mission to study the geology of Mars, watched live as a transcatheter heart valve was implanted, and heard about the underground network of intelligent well completion. They saw the R2 Robonaut perform endoscopic surgery, heard about the spacewalk that was cut short by a water leak in the astronauts helmet, and watched live as an EVA space suit was X-rayed with state-of-art 3D image reconstruction. The P&P Roving Reporter returned with more interviews and exhibits to see on the webcast. Forty STEM students from eight schools attended the conference including the Robotics Club from Lamar High School, the DiscoBots. The P&P Reception was co-hosted by The Texas Medical Center and featured a presentation on ‘The Music of Pumps & Pipes’ (from pipe organs to heart assist devices). With over 260 registrants attending the ‘Sold Out’ conference in person and over 2700 webcast participants (+203%) from 29 States (+53%) and 33 countries (+32%), P&P8 was the most successful event to date.

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